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Where can I find help if I have further questions?

You can join our Discord server. In case you have issues with bridge, feel free to create issue in github.

Can you build an implementation for my project?

We don't currently have capacity to build implementations of ChainBridge. However, you can jump into the relevant channel on our Discord to find other teams who want to work on the same implementation as you.

Can you run a relayer for my project?

Our focus right now is on building software to enable other teams to run bridges. At this time we are not looking to run relayers for any projects or bridge implementations.

I need support to use/integrate with a specific ChainBridge implementation.

While we are the developers of ChainBridge, we are not formally affiliated with any projects or bridge implementations. Please reach out to the relevant team/project for implementation-specific support.



I want to try out ChainBridge locally, how can I do that?

You can follow these instructions to run an Ethereum <> Substrate bridge locally

I'm having issues running ChainBridge with Ganache

ChainBridge is not compatible with Ganache. Please try running Geth or any real node instead.